About the initiative

Know Her Words is a PEN International Women Writers Committee Initiative to celebrate the best women’s writing from around the world. We invite all our PEN Centres to share the titles of the best books written by the women of their country. This project will encourage cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of the issues, stories, and imaginative breadth of each other’s places.

The Bulgarian PEN members have identified, voting unanimously, as excellent the following Bulgarian women’s writing:

The writers have met the following criteria:
Quality of writing
A book/collection written in or translated into a foreign language
We state that this is just a beginning – more authors will be added in the future.

At the international PEN’s Congress in New York City in 1986, the Women Writers Committee was first conceived, and it officially became a standing committee of PEN in 1991.

The first and founding principle of the PEN Charter asserts

Literature knows no frontiers