Mirela Ivanova

Einsames Spiel, Versönung mit der Kälte
Lonely Game, Coming to Terms with the Cold
Einsames spiel book cover
The role of women in a society of transition. The complexity of being a woman; freedom as a challenge, and the test of time. Pain as the agent of a changing life in the core of the lyrical expression.
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Einsames spiel book cover

The Endeavour

You extinguish a fire, then another one,

how many of them for you to be able

to write on the ashes a poem

or a name.

Mirela Ivanova

Mirela Ivanova

Playwriting, Poetry
Portrait of Mirela Ivanova

Mirela Ivanova is the author of nine books of poetry. Among the selection are the most popular books such as Lonely Game, Memory for Details, Disassembly of the Toys, Eclectics, and Seven. They are part of Bulgarian and European poetry anthologies.

Lonely Game and Coming to Terms with the Cold, translated by Norbert Randow and Gabby Tiemann, were published in Germany in 2000 and 2004.

Seven. Poems With Biographies, translated by Magdalena Pitlak, was published in Poland in 2024.

The author has also published two collections of short stories: Slowly and All Stories Are About You, and two volumes of articles. Bulgarian and European prose anthologies have incorporated them.

Her works are currently being translated into English, German, and Turkish.


For modern poetry from eastern and south-eastern Europe

Hristo G. Danov National Literary Award

Sofia Literature Award

Nikolai Kanchev Award

Perto Award

Participation in prestigious European literary forums: Europe Writes, Poetry in the City, Donumenta, Fragile.

Scholarship at the International Creative Home “Villa Concordia” in Bamberg in 2008. A one-year writer’s grant provided by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture.

Nominated for the prestigious European Poet of Freedom award in 2022.

Mirela worked for more than fifteen years as a director of Ivan Vazov National Museum, Sofia.

Since 2016, she has been a playwright at Ivan Vazov National Theatre. Her plays Oh, Whoever You Are… and The Footnotes are currently staged.

Portrait of Mirela Ivanova