Kerana Angelova

Elada Pinyo and Time
Elada Pinyo and Time book cover
The myth of a man’s travel in time; transformations; deep faith, and the impact of love.
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Elada Pinyo and Time book cover

She is coming and she is all silver. And her love is stronger; I have missed it. Everything in this world turns into something else with time. It is only love that turns into nothing else. It always remains love.

Elada Pinyo and Time
by Kerana Angelova

Kerana Angelova

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry
Portrait of Kerana Angelova

Kerana Angelova is the author of 18 poetry and essay collections, and novels.

Some of the novels have been translated into English and German. They have been sold in the USA, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. They are available on Amazon.

In May 2024, the novel Sunflowers for Maria is coming out in German via the INK PRESS publishing house in Zurich, Switzerland. It is available for pre-order via the publisher’s website –

Kerana writes poetry as well. A selection of her poems has been translated into English, Dutch, and Frisian in the Netherlands. Translations have been available in the USA, Italy, Russia, North Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Georgia, Spain, Peru, Romania, Greece, Egypt, and Chile.

Non-fiction writing is her passion, too. Essays of varying length and genre constitute two volumes of works: One O’Clock After Midnight and It Is Light Outside at One O’Clock After Midnight. The texts range from dicta to long compositions, but all of them, by their function, can be considered fragments as components of the books’ fragmentary structure. They reflect the experience of writing itself.


Association of the Bulgarian Writers – Fiction Book of the Year for Elada Pinyo and Time. 

Vick Foundation Audience Award for Elada Pinyo and Time.

Liber Foundation – Best Work of Fiction.

Nominated for:

Hristo G. Danov National Literary Award

Elias Canetti National Literary Award   

13 Centuries of Bulgaria National Endowment Fund (in official relations with UNESCO) – Novel of the Year

Portrait of Kerana Angelova