Amelia Litcheva

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Europe, war, refugees, the sense of tradition that we are losing, memories of book sellers on the banks of the Seine in Paris, nostalgia for paper, the Charleston, old postcards and glossy photos, all objects that bear witness to a crazy past before our world sank into screens and digital technology: Here, the astonishing images and thought-provoking subjects follow one another under the polished but nonetheless rebellious pen of a poetess who no longer wants to be wise, or only 'ferociously'!
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On the banks of the Spree,

in these steps from the past,

with their stance and lightly bent knees

they blaze passion, contact, communion.

I’m hypnotised by this silent film of hope,

of escape from death,

in whose heroes

I start to recognise my parents

and their summer tango

left somewhere in the Sea Garden at Burgas

and my childhood.

Last Tango
by Amelia Litcheva

Amelia Litcheva

Literary Criticism, Poetry
Portrait of Amelia Licheva

Amelia Licheva is a poet and literary critic. She is a professor of literature theory at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Amelia is the author of the theoretical books as follows:

  • “Stories of Voice” (2002);
  • “Theory of Literature” (co-authored, 2005);
  • “Voices and Identities in Bulgarian Poetry” (2007);
  • “Policies of Today” (2010); 
  • “Short Dictionary of literary and linguistic terms “(co-authored, 2012);
  • “Literature. Binoculars. Microscope” (2013);
  • “Is the Nobel World?” (2019)

and of 

  • Collected Poems, The Eye Gazing Into Ear (1992), The Second Library of Babylon (1997), The Alphabets (2002), My Europe (2007) and Must See (2013); Beastly Meek (2017).

Amelia’s poems have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, Croatian, Hungarian, Arabic.

She is also Editor-in-chief of the Literary Journal, editor of the Literature Magazine, and a member of the editorial board of Foreign Language Training Magazine.


The winner of the Golden Lion Award for a publishing project for the volume Theory of Literature: From Plato to Postmodernism

A recipient of the Honorary Badge of Sofia Municipality, 2007

Knight of the Book of the Bulgarian Book Association in the category “Print Media – Newspapers and Magazines”, 2016

The winner of the Hristo G. Danov Award for 2018 in the section “For Presentation of the Bulgarian Book”

First Prize in the Humanities section of the Culture Portal for 2020

As a poet, Amelia is a recipient of Binyo Ivanov National Literary Award for her contribution to the development of the Bulgarian poetic syntax for “Beastly Meek” (2017).

Portrait of Amelia Licheva