Zdravka Evtimova

Asylum for Men and Dogs
Life in Bulgaria at present. Humiliation as a measurement of success. Getting over and coming back stronger.
Fomite Books, USA
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In the evening, her dog waited at the front door. His name was Rain, and his steps sounded like raindrops rolling down a windowpane after midnight. François thought he remained in that town because of the animal. If he went away Rain would starve. Anna forgot to feed him and did not give him baths. She worked day and night on her short stories and translations. Oceans of love roared in the books she translated into French. 

by Zdravka Evtimova

Zdravka Evtimova

Portrait of Zdravka Evtimova

Zdravka Evtimova is an award-winning Bulgarian writer.

Her short story Blood is included in an anthology of recommended readings for teaching literature in junior high schools in the USA and in the high school curriculum in Denmark.

Her short stories have been published in 32 counties in the world. Her short story collections have been published in the USA – Carts, Time to Mow, Parable of Stones, Impossibly Blue; in Italy – La donna che mangiava poesie; in France – D’un bleu impossible; in China  – Stories from Pernik; in Greece, the UK, Israel (published in English and entitled Pale and Other Postmodern Bulgarian Stories), and in Canada.

Her novel Thursday was published in the USA, the UK, Serbia, Slovenia, and China, and was selected as one of the 100 novels written by a Slavic author after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Her novel In the Town of Joy and Peace was published in the USA, Italy, and North Macedonia. Her novel The Same River was published in the USA and in Italy.

In January 2023, Evtimova won the Inaugural 2023 Dr. T. O’Conor Sloane Prize in Speculative Fiction in the USA.

Portrait of Zdravka Evtimova