Kristin Dimitrova

I Will Be Back for You
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Relationships. A carefully guarded family secret. "Who am I?" and how we find ourselves. Somewhere between Italy and Bulgaria.
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I'll be back for you book cover

Fiction gives me an alternative life, while poetry tears my heart out.

Kristin Dimitrova

Kristin Dimitrova

Fiction, Poetry
Portrait of Kristin Dimitrova

Kristin Dimitrova is a writer, poet, and translator. She has a PhD in Journalism and Mass communication.

Her fiction writing includes the novels Sabazius (2007), which is also published in Mexico in 2016, Belarus in 2012, and Romania in 2013, and – the very recent one – I Will Be Back for You (2022). She is also the author of three short story collections as follows:

Love and Death Under the Crooked Pear Trees (2004);

The Secret Way of the Ink (2010), also published in North Macedonia in 2013;

Give Me a Call When You Arrive (2017), also published in Switzerland in 2020.

In terms of non-fiction, Ethereal Songs and Secret Services (2015) is Kristin’s study of the representations of Bulgaria and Bulgarian culture in the British, American, and Canadian press between 1989 and 2000.

Kristin is the author of twelve books of poetry, too, among which are the following:

A Visit to the Clockmaker (Ireland in 2005);

My Life in Squares (the UK in 2010);

The Cardplayer’s Morning (2008), also published in Czechia in 2013;

Poems by Kristin Dimitrova (Bengal, India in 2022), and her latest one,

Dear Passengers (2018).


National awards for poetry

A winner of:

  • Ivan Nikolov Award
  • Ivan Peychev Award
  • Association of Bulgarian Writers’ Award, and others.

National awards for fiction

  • Hristo G. Danov Award
  • Peroto Award, and others

National awards for translation:

  • ‘Exceptional achievement’, given by the Union of Bulgarian Translators for The Anagram (1999), a selection of poems by John Donne, and The Hunting of the Snark (2013) by Lewis Carroll.

Kristin’s poems, short stories, and essays have been translated into 29 languages and have been published in 38 countries.

Other books

Wenn du ankommst, ruf mich an (in German)

Sabacio (in Spanish)

My Life in Squares (in English)

Portrait of Kristin Dimitrova